A dynamic form data lookup locally without server synchronization

Hello all,
We[Metajua] are ODK users!
Is there a way for one form to dynamically lookup data collected by another form locally without remote server synchronization?
For example, We have 2 forms on our odk collect, first one is to be used to collect/capture household baseline/information and another one will be used to collect further information on household members.
The survey procedure is that: HH baseline is to be carried out on day 1 and HH member information for day 2.
Since these surveys are to be conducted in so rural areas where internet connection is almost impossible, we would like our surveyors to re-use data for day 1 into day 2 form without necessarily involving server data lookup.

How possible is it on ODK?

Thanks for your support and innovative ideas. We appreciate!

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This is not something that's currently possible. It is somewhat related to improved preloading and to automatic default selection -- all of these feature requests have to do with collecting more than one survey's worth of information for the same entity.

Do you actually need access to the day 1 information when collecting data on day 2 or simply a way to link the two records? In fact, do you really need separate forms for the two surveys or could you possibly have a single form that has instructions for the enumerator to save the current work and return the next day to finish the encounter?

Thanks Helene for your reply!
Sure, our surveyors always need to re-use information collected on previous day into the second form. And in this case without necessarily connecting to a remote server.
Consider the second survey as a 'Task' but in this scenario without a remote connection.
But as you have pointed out, we can use other alternatives as we look forward for a more sophisticated way on this approach.

Best regards, Enoch.

Thanks @enocgify, that's helpful context. Let's keep digging a little bit deeper so we can try to see what a better interface could be like. If you already have an idea of what an ideal workflow would be, please do describe it.

Do you have access to some kind of household identifier before the enumerators go out for their visits?

@LN thanks for feedback!
Sure, our enumerators always have HH IDs into their forms as they visit.