"A-GPS" and location fix?

I was recently asked about recommended specs for hardware procurements. A programs person mentioned seeing GPS, A-GPS, and GLONASS listed in the specs for various devices, and seems to think that A-GPS means the device will require a network connection to determine location. I was under the impression that with A-GPS, the device can improve location data (faster fix with less battery usage etc) but it can always fall back on just the GPS signal if there is no network connection. Does anyone have any knowledge of this? (Does A-GPS mean cellular network is required for a location fix?)

I remember an Apple Airpad with only A-GPS. The advertising said "GPS", the fine print said "while in WiFi", so if A-GPS is the only spec, it's not a real offline GPS capability, and it indeed does require and only work within cellular or WiFi coverage.

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