Ability to email finalised form as either PDF or email body, with attachments

As an addition to sending finalised reports to a server. It would be useful to have an option to be able to send a finalised (or sent) form as either an email attachment or as the body of an email directly from Connect.

An example use case would be when collecting information, the responder would like a copy of the information collected, but may not have access to the results (and/or the collector may not have access to the results). It is something that can be done at the point of collection.

It is likely the option will need to be able to be turned off and on within settings as not all surveys will want to be able to share results or will need to comply with GDPR requirements if collecting personal data (accessed on a need to know only basis).
Happy to test and document, but I would not be technical enough to contribute to code.

Hi @DavidM, with the functionality described at Sending a text message (SMS) or email from a form in Collect sufficient or do you absolutely need attachments?


It mostly does satisfy the need.

The body text can be edited to show answers other than images, which means the participant can receive there own answers as a reference.

The only advantage of an attachment would be to include images and to provide a less editable format. Both of these would be at best nice to have; the solution you have presented is much more compact and simple.

Thanks for the follow up!



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