Accidentally delete blank form

I want to view my saved form but i have accidentally delete the blank form and it went error which i could not view or send the form to the server, is there any way which i could view the form again so that i could send to the sever.


@kk You should be able to go to Get Blank Form and download the same form again. You'll then be able to open and send existing filled forms.

Was there something confusing about the interface that led you to accidentally delete something you didn't want to? It would be helpful to know to guide potential improvements to the user experience. Thanks!

Because we didn't at first that if we delete the blank form that we have it will affect to the saved ones that we haven't send out to the sever yet, we deleted the form just to not confusing because we have update the blank form.

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we didn't know at first*

That makes a lot of sense, @kk -- thanks for that info. There will be an update coming out soon that hides old versions of forms but leaves them on the device so existing filled forms can continue to be manipulated. Hopefully that will reduce this kind of confusion.