Account can't be set to Data Collector

Thank you so much Hélène!
That's right. The URL in General Settings was not mine.

Well, there is this new error message: Error: Generic Exception: Connection
closed by peer.

I took a look at "Permission" in "Site Admin". I am not able to select
"Data Collector". When I tap on "Save changes", the hook disappears. Is
that why it does not work? Do I need to create another account (one for
collecting data and one for administrating data)? I would prefer to manage
only one.

Thank you very much!


This one I'm not sure about. I've broken it into its own topic and hopefully someone will have the answer!

I still don't understand what doesn't work.
I created a new account. In Collector, I entered this new account it in the
General Settings. (Is it what I have to do?)
Now I have this new error message: Error:Not Found (404) at (my URL).

Your help would be really appreciated. My plan was to collect data with
this tool today but I think I'll have to do it the old fashion way.


I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble getting set up! Hopefully this will all be resolved soon.

I have not been able to reproduce what you are experiencing with the Data Collector checkbox getting unchecked.

Once you've created a new Aggregate account, you should indeed be able to enter it in to Aggregate settings on the phone in Collect.

Where are you seeing the 404? Is this also when you try to send the form? If so, that would suggest that your account information is working but maybe the blank form isn't on the server. Did you pull the blank form fom the server to Collect with "Get Blank Form"? Did you make sure the blank form hasn't been deleted since?

Also what browser and version are you using? Have you tried a different browser?

Thank you very much Helene.
I am seeing the 404 only when I try to send the form from Collect to the
servor. My form appears on Aggregate. I downloaded it from ODK build and
put it on Aggregate. Is that ok? It is the same form that I use in Collect.
Thank you for your help!

It works! Thank you for you explanations!
It did not work because the form was not downloaded from the server.
Thank you so much!


Woohoo! :tada:

If you have any notes about what was confusing getting started, consider adding an issue to the docs repository. It doesn't have to be very well organized or anything, just some quick notes on what wasn't clear would really help as we all work on some better "getting started" guides. I know right now it can be a lot of trial and error. And of course, please introduce yourself here!