Add more metadata field

1. What is the general goal of the feature?

Hi all,

The goal is to create one or more free metadata emplacement that we can use to stock information that will be common on all the same form complete from the same phone/user. Information that could be use during the completion of the form, pre-selecting answer based on metadata etc...
Perhaps even ba able to rename the metadata field as we want; but if it is renamable it's shouldn't be directly on the phone but perhaps more during the building of the form in excel; otherwise the user will be able to change the name of the metadata and the links afterward in our database will not work.

For example, in our naturalist form, we want the user to indicate which kingdom is he using the most, so that when he need to select one kingdom before selecting one species, the kingdom is already pre-selected. Currently we use 'username' for that purpose (we also use the 'email' for pre-loading mail to complete the observer question) but it would be nice and less perturbing for the user to have a special metadata field.

2. What are some example use cases for this feature?

here is my form adherent_2019.xlsx (117.5 KB)

3. What can you contribute to making this feature a reality?

I don't have the skill nor the time to do this, but i sure will be grateful if it happen

Thanks in advance for your time !

@Jeanb It sounds like Remembering previously entered value in ODK Collect would work for you. Can you review that topic and confirm?

Hi yanokwa !
Thanks for the reply !

In my example the goal is more to make like a "profile per user" so that every forms can pick up data from the profile, like for example : level of knowledge : expert / amateur / debutant; or taxon of predilection : reptiles, mammals, birds ... (that can be stock in metadata) to auto-fill questions and select specific questions.

If I understand correctly, the "Remembering previously entered value" method will obligate the user to pre-fill a copy of every different forms ? With a profile per-user in metadata the different forms can be constructed to go and get the informations in the metadata so that the user would not have to pre-fill a "test-forms" for every forms.

I don't know if it is clear, let me know if you don't understand

Thanks again for your help


Hmm. That sounds more like Custom form metadata. Can you review and confirm?

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Yes it seems to be exactly what I want !
Thanks yanokwa !