Add New Column in Existing table

Dear All

I have a serious question, Kindly Please help me out, is that possible to add new column in existing table of ODK

if yes then how ???
if no then whats solution

I am very thankful to all of you

I think you should be able to do that. I stand for correction though. This is because I am still learning.

u know how can i ???

Hi @Osama_Bin_Zubair

Can you provide more information on your question. Like you can start by explaining the scenario which has led you to this? Why you want to do that? This would really provide some insights


Dear Dicksonsamwel,

I developed survey form in xml, and uploaded on my server, now after few months t i want to add some more questions , in existing survey , then how can i add more questions ?? or add new columns in existing survey table .

I dont want to create new table , i want to create new columns in existing table

Hi @Osama_Bin_Zubair,

As now you want to add new column/questions in your existing ODK Form ,then it means that you want to update your forms with new questions so in this case your data-set will modify in storage.

Solutions of these kind of problem is "You need to add a new form upload that form and when you will start data cleaning , then marge these 2 forms in a single dataset , because now you have 2 forms this is one of best solutions for these kind of problem"


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Dear Narendra

you mean i will upload few form and transfer data from old table to new one ???

@Osama_Bin_Zubair The answer to this question depends on the server you are using. Are you using Aggregate? Ona?