Adding a constraint to a multiple choice question

I have a problem with a question.
My first question is a multiple choice question.
Question A: Do you have any items that were not available at all.
Answer choices:

Question B (also multiple choice): Which of these missing items meet the needs of the population.
If the person chooses: A F, H, let only these choices appear and the person.

Why the second question, the person can choose 3 choices but at the first question but retain only 2 the most important for example at the second.

Does anyone have an idea of how to make the xlsform of the second question


Hello @Nasser

You might be able to achieve your filters using choice_filter

In question b, assuming it shares the same list of options as question A, just put selected(${a}, name) as value of the choice_filter column.

In this case ${a} is the variable with all unavailable items, while name refers to the column name in choices sheet. You can replace a with your variable name.

If you want to limit the number of items that can be selected, then use constraint for either variable like count-selected(.)<=3 if you want not more than three choices

I hope this helps

Best regards,
Jules R