Adding a new layout file in ODK Collect

Hi.. I want to change the working logic of the ODK collect as following:

Instead of getting a new blank form by clicking "GET BLANK FORM" BUTTON and once again fetching the blank form from the phone's local memory, by clicking "FILL NEW FORM"

I want this to be changed like this:

I want a newly designed form (layout file) to be loaded directly by clicking "FILL NEW FORM" BUTTON.

I have edited the code by creating intent to the newly designed form. But the control returns back to the LOGIN PAGE

Please see the changes which i have done

I have removed the "GET BLANK FORM" BUTTON from the xml file and commented out the logic for "GET BLANK FORM" button

i have created a new XML file ACTIVITY_DATA_ENTRY and its corresponding java file DATAENTRY.

activity_data_entry.xml (3.6 KB)

DATAENTRY.txt (2.0 KB)


Before we dig into code, what high-level problem or use case are you trying to solve?