Adding Data Collector Role

I am new to odk central,
I have installed the odk from
its working fine but some features are missing like Adding New Role.
I want to add new role of data collector that data collectors can download new forms.
I need help that how can i add new role and assign it.
Thanks in advance

The docs have a section on Managing Users in Central.

If you cannot see the "Users" navigation tab with the option to make a new web user... did you make your user an administrator? It is one of the steps under Logging into Central during setup.

To create new app users, you'll need to be inside a project. The docs for managing app users are at:

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Bro, I can create web users but cannot assign them role other than administrator

That is the only sitewide role available.
Screen Shot 2022-04-02 at 12.32.37 PM

Other permissions are assigned as project roles and you will assign within an individual project.