Adding follow-up questions dependant on selection from a Choose One question

I currently have a Choose One question listing multiple countries. This has a follow-up question that if country x is chosen a text box opens to permit zip/post code input.

Is it possible to include multiple follow-up questions so that if country y is chosen instead I can follow-up with a Choose One dialogue rather than text box?

I suspect not, in which case I can workaround by creating several versions of the same form, named by country, but this is a rather inelegant solution.

I'm using ODK Build latest version on Windows 10.

Hi @panthonyl

I think you just need to use relevant in your form.
Check it out:
countries.xlsx (6.6 KB)


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Thanks @Grzesiek2010

I'll need to myself with acquaint with creating ODK forms with Excel as I've restricted myslf to Build to date, but I can see the logic of the form you've kindly attached.

Thanks for speedy response and happy to consider this query closed.