Addition of "minimal" or "no-answer" appearance for question types that launch an external selector

In Collect, when you answer a question that launches an external selector (such as the barcode reader, 3rd party Android intent, date picker, etc.), the raw value is displayed in whatever format was returned by the external selector immediately below the button that launched the selector.

In a few instances, we have found a use case for hiding the default answer, if the value needs to be formatted with a custom calculation first. Instead, we would like to show our own formatted value in a note question immediately below the "Launch," "Get Barcode," and "Select date" buttons.

  1. What do others think of this issue?
  2. If it seems generally useful, on what question types would it make sense to support such an appearance?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


Hi again. It turns out this feature may be quite immediately useful for us. Does anyone happen to know of a workaround (however hacky/creative!) that might accomplish this behavior?