Additional options using the choice_filter


I am creating a form in the xls form builder and have come across an issue with the choice filter column. Can anyone help?

Q1. A select multiple question which lists types of reading materials available.

Q2. A select multiple question asking which of these reading materials are available in a specific language

I use a choice filter to restrict the options in the second question to those that have been chosen in the first.


the second question also needs an option of "none". I can't work out what the synatax should be ( if it is possible) to have the answers from Q1 PLUS "none" as options for the second question. I have tried everything I can think of!

Here is what i have that works just for the answers from question 1

type name label choice_filter
select_multiple management_materials management_materials Please show me the guidelines for lymphedema management present at this facility
select_multiple management_materials_local management_materials_local Which of these lymphoedema management guidelines are available in the local language? selected($({management_materials}


I actually managed to work this out myself! I am leaving the question and reply incase anyone else has the same problem.

Basically, I needed to use OR, rather than AND
1.I added a column called filtre to the choices sheet
2. I added the list item "none" to the management_materials_local list on the choices sheet, with "none" in the filtre column
3. I changed the choice_filter column as shown below

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