Advancing the New Machine: Mobile Technology Panel

In April, UC Berkeley's Human Rights Center hosted "Advancing the New
Machine: Human Rights and Technology", a conference for human rights
practitioners and technologists to discuss the progress, successes,
and challenges that have emerged with the growth of information
technologies.

At the conference, the Mobile Technology panel focused on mobile
technology as a data collection tool, highlighting the challenges in
implementing such projects and ensuring the security of those using

The video of the entire panel is at
and features short talks from the panelists below and a great question
and answer section. For ODK users, there is also a sneak peek at some
of the advanced functionality we are working on in Gaetano's talk.

Tapan Parikh (Information School, UC Berkeley)

Neil Hendrick (Kobo, Human Rights Center)

Katrin Verclas (MobileActive)

Gaetano Borriello (Open Data Kit, University of Washington)