Advice on building short ACASI survey- Hire a programmer? Pay rate?

I am part of a university research project that is considering ODK Collect as the data collection tool for our Android tablets. This survey would be around 25 questions, using the ACASI format (audio computer-assisted self-interviewing). In other words, we want sensitive questions' audio to be played by the app (with surveys in 4 separate languages). I have read that it's possible to do a code workaround so that questions play automatically instead of by pressing a button.

Here are my questions:
How complicated would building this type of survey be in ODK? Should I hire a programmer or can I do it with limited programming knowledge?
Roughly how long would this project take for a programmer to do?
Is ODK simple enough to hire a graduate student with some programming knowledge?
What is a reasonable pay rate for hiring someone to build this?


All this really depends on the logic in the survey. The actual task of making the survey should take someone who is familiar with ODK a few hours at most. Someone with programming knowledge should be able to move a little faster.

Experienced form designers can come up with creative solutions in the conversion from paper to make the electronic version faster to fill out and easier to analyze. They tend to move faster and make less mistakes which is great for iterating on the form.