Advice on form design with double repeat (one-to-many)

Hi i am new to ODK so need some advice on designing a form for multiple answers. I am designing in xls and using the online conversion tool.

The question is:

What type of fishing equipment do you use each month?

For each month of the year the responded selects from a list of 19 types of fishing equipment, and can provide any number of answers for each month.

From what I understand thus far about ODK I can set up a double repeat with the first being to select the month (select_one) and the second to select the equipment (select_multiple). This will provide the output with all months for which answers are provided in one column and equipment in a second column. My only concern with this is the the enumerator may skip a month unintentionally. Is there a way to fix all months into this and have an option 'no fishing' so that the enumerators are forced to answer for all 12 months?

The only other way i can think to do it is to set up each month as a question, but this would provide the output data into multiple columns for months which is not ideal for my database.

The paper version looks like this:

I have tried many things but I am now going in circles, any advice appreciated. Thanks

Hi @Rusti

please check this example: equipment.xlsx (8.8 KB)

is that what you need?

Thank you so much it is working for what i need and looks from the script like it will output the months into one column (i have not downloaded the csv yet).
I will to modify it for the next question, how many days per week do you fish each month, but i assume that i would change it to Select one and have 1-7 under the choices.

Very much appreciated :slight_smile: