Aggregate not starting

Hello there,
I installed ODK-Aggregate-v2.0.5 with apache-tomcat-9.0.37 on Ubuntu 16.04 server. But, the ODKAggregate cannot start,

the error pop-up at the top is 'FAIL - Application at context path [/ODKAggregate] could not be started'
And the catalina log file is here. (7.4 KB)
So, please help me


The errors in your log suggest there is something wrong with your Tomcat manager config. Fix that first and I bet Aggregate will start working.

31-Aug-2020 10:39:17.784 SEVERE [Catalina-utility-2] org.apache.tomcat.util.digester.Digester.fatalError Parse fatal error at line [20] column [1]
	org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; systemId: file:///opt/tomcat/webapps/manager/META-INF/context.xml; lineNumber: 20; columnNumber: 1; Element type "Valve" must be followed by either attribute specifications, ">" or "/>".

Thank you for your timely response and kind support. I tried to correct the configuration based on your comment. But, stil the problem is there. Now, even the tomcat manager is not accessible.
Here is today's log file (7.6 KB)


Hello there,

Please help me about ODKAggregate,
It couldn't started yet. I have tried many ways to solve the problem.

  1. I have run the file and give the path (tomcat/webapps).
  2. It automatically deploy the .war file to tomcat server.
  3. I have edit set the JAVA_HOME, create the database based on the generated .sql file.
  4. and so many things

But, I can't fix the problem.
when I click the ODKAggregate on tomcat page it appears look like this