Aggregate on Appengine, forms tab missing

Hi all,

A long time ago (2014) I made an aggregate account for some small projects I wanted to do. Soon after, I got a new temporary job teaching in a university and made aggregate accounts for that. Now that this stint in the University is over, I want to use the aggregate account I made before again. It is still online and has some project data on it, but it seems I can not upload new forms since the forms tab is missing (see image)
Any ideas how this could be?

I am quite happy with the appengine options since I usually only demonstrate how ODK works and give short trainings and then let the organization work out what and how they want to organize their own server side.

Thanks, Ubo

It looks like you are an anonymousUser (or non logged-in) user with Data Viewer privileges. The forms tab only shows when you have Form Manager (or greater) privileges. Try logging in.

Thanks for the very quick reply! I will try that.. Hope I can still remember the username/password I used :slight_smile: