Aggregate setup on Apache web server

hello all community members
i am trying to settup aggregate on apatche web

i tried many times generated war file is uploaded successfully inside jvm

ex: apatche tomcat 8/jvm/mydomain/Root.war
but still im getting not found error
any one can help me please


Try to install on Tomcat 6.


thank you Dear Imran

i try to install
im using hosting plan with private jvm will it works or may i switch did you worked wit it
which one do you recommend for me

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Hi Khalil,

I never tried installing on private jvm; however, I tried Apache tomcat locally and it worked only with Tomcat 6. I usually host on App Engine.


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Ok thanks Dear @A.N.M_AL-IMRAN

great help
it means you have good experience of both scenario
i will come to know if there is any issue

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Aggregate is designed to run on tomcat. For more information check out the documentation:

thank you @W_Brunette

i will go through it