Aggregate user name and password

Good afternoon mates!

In the attempt to Install Aggregate in a Local Machine with Virtual Machine, once I have the machine and the ova file downloaded, exported, it gives me the result with the url to go and I get to Aggregate, I DO NOT FIND THE USER NAME and LA PASSWORD. The instructions I am following, ensure that the Aggregate VM is downloaded with a README.TXT file, and there the keys come, because I can't find it (I download the executable and it doesn't appear to me.
I get a readme.txt, with this text BUT NEVER WITH PASSWORD:

ODK Aggregate VM is now free and open source! Get started by doing these two things. *

** Download the latest version from*

** Join the community forum at to get help, give help, and connect with other ODKers *

Any ideas? Has someone happened to you? thank you!

Please follow the instructions at

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Yanokwa thank you very muuuuuuuch! your advice worked!!!