Aggregate v0.9.3 beta is available


We have posted a beta version of Aggregate v0.9.3 under the downloads
tab on the website. This revision adds the first copy of the Briefcase
tool. Briefcase downloads data from Aggregate by creating .csv files
and binary data files (for images, audio, video, etc.) on your local
file system. Briefcase is the data migration mechanism that the ODK
team will be relying on for data migration across major version
releases of Aggregate. Additional updates to Briefcase are planned
before the migration occurs. Additionally, Google has made changes to
gData and GAE during July/August that cause problems for the remote
servers. This revision of Aggregate fixes the known issues.

We haven't formally released 0.9.3 yet as a new version of collect is
close to being released that may need changes to aggregate (for
example updated Form parsing for the new media questions). However we
wanted to post the revised Aggregate before it is fully complete
because of the bug fixes for remote servers and the addition of