Aggregate v0.9.5 released

We have posted Aggregate v0.9.5 on the Open Data Kit code website.

The majority of the changes relate to fixing App Engine security
changes that broke Aggregate's ability to stream data to FusionTables
and Google Spreadsheets. The problem was that AuthSub authentication
stop working without user's registering their application with Google.
Since registering an application is a complicated process we replaced
the AuthSub authentication with OAuth authentication. Here is the
issue that dealt with authentication if you would like more details:

The 0.9.5 release will also push out these fixes that were previously
available in the 0.9.x tree:

We did not add any major functionality to this release as most of the
current development efforts are going into the Aggregate 1.x code base
so that Aggregate can migrate away from the 0.9.x code base. We will
send an announcement to the list when Aggregate 1.0 is officially
released. We do not currently recommend using Aggregate 1.0 for
permanent deployments, as it's still in the alpha stage and is only
available on our website for people who are helping with testing.