Alert message "FORM UPDATE FAILED" confusing the field workers


Is it possible to control/suppress the Android notification message FORM UPDATE FAILED on field worker handsets, through some ODK app configuration (not via phone notification blocking)? My field staff is in offline working areas, and since they don't understand the message properly, they are panicking about the ODK app malfunctioning, and the collected data being wasted. Although I increased the update frequency to 24 hours, still they see this message once a day, which is confusing them, for not having proper understanding.

The message should be configurable from within app, and ideally should not be flashed to the users.

Kind regards,
Saad Omer

@Saad are you able to get a screenshot or copy the full text of the notification your enumerators are seeing?

Also, in terms of them being offline, it'd be good to understand some details: do they have the devices in airplane mode? Do they have working sims in the devices? Are they connected to wifi/data some of the time?