Aligning labels in odk forms

Hello community :

How can one align the labels on a form ie

how can the First Name and * be aligned on the same line ?, because after adding the containt message then the misalignment happens
the form config is

The screenshot does not look like any client that we produce or support because Enketo web forms and ODK Collect both put asterisks before required questions.

What form server are you using? What version of that form server? What is the screenshot from (e.g. a web app built on top of Enketo, a custom client, etc)?

hello @LN am using google forms ...

so i basically create the forms using the XLSForm standard, and using the cht-conf command line configurer tool to convert them to XForm format.

I think you will need to ask on the CHT forum. Although the CHT is based on many components that we build and maintain, we don't know about the customizations that they make. As far as I know, neither Enketo or ODK Collect would produce the output that you shared with the form definition that you shared.

If you want to be extra sure, you can try converting your form with and previewing it there.

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thanks @LN

its a bug in the form CSS. Basically. the asterisk appears to be aligned on the next line whenever you include a required field inside a group that has the summary appearance.