All choices are selecting when swiping back to select one or select multiple

In certain select one questions , the selected options change when enumerator swipes back to the page (from within the looped group, to check a past selection for example). For example, if on the first go, options sex male was
selected, and the enumerator later swipes back to that page the enumerator finds both male and female selected and in the select multiple when the data collector swipes backwards she finds all the 6 items selected .
How can i fix this?

can you check in the choice list to see if you have the same code for male and female, example: Male = 1, Female = 1, to correct this change it as follows Male = 1, Female = 2.
this should work for you.


am experiencing this problem,what could be the solution?

@ian please share a sample form, the device you are using, the version of Android and Collect you are

Thank you, that was the problem it’s fixed now


I got a solution the problem was in naming but I fixed it, thanks