Allow adding new choices during data entry to the list in a select widget

What is the problem? Please be detailed.

I would like to add an additional item or choice to a list in a select widget.
I am assessing brands in the market of a specific food. A list of known brands are port of the list, but new brands my be found during data collection.
If a respondent does not find their answer as a choice in a multiple choice question (list of brand names), I would like them to be able to add their option (new brand name) as an additional item to the list so that it is part of the choices for future data entries.
How is that possible?
Or am I not supposed to use select widget for this?


I don't think this feature is supported by ODK. However, You can do one thing add other at the end of the brand name list and and if other is selected, you can make a text-box open for the data collector for the new brand.

2nd step, from the Aggregate, collect all the new brand name under other and include them to the select list of the form, change the version and upload the form without removing the previous version and let the data collectors know that there is a new version of form is available to download.

Hope this helps.


Thank you so much for your quick response and option!
It is unfortunate that this feature is not available. In case you think of another approach that could facilitate the addition of new entries e.g. a way that I could make autocomplete help find prior responses, please let me know.

Thanks again!

What a great question and feature idea. I know with choice filter you can remove options from a select list but don't think you can add to a list.
Nothing constructive to suggest yet, but just saying it's a great idea.