Allow range of numbers and also 98 and 99

Hi All,

Am looking for a numeric constraint for xls form.
I want the respondent to be able to input particular range of numbers eg 1 to 11 but can also input 98 or 99 in interger type.
Thus 1-11,98,99.
How can I go about it.
Can seem to trace any conversation with this logic.

Thanks in advance.



Hi @PN

it would be just (${q}>0 AND ${q}<12) OR ${q}=98 OR ${q}=99

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Specifically, just put this in the corresponding constraint cell of the XLSform

.<= 12 or .=98 or or .=99

Note the use of the dot to depict its the current question (I assume you have a challenge with the current question)

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