And in relevance


I want to display question depending on relevant condition with and clause e.g. I want to display ${Q5} if the (${Q4} = 2 and ${Q4} = 3 and ${Q4}=4)
But AND not working. Please help me in this?

and should work well... could you attach your form?

testing_progress.xlsx (10.6 KB)

I want in when I select question Q2 with option Others including the rest all option (including others) then it s and it should give show Q2_other question.
I have attached the xlsform.

and is fine but instead of using ${Q2} = 7 you need selected(${Q2}, ‘7’) since it's a select_multi question. Then you can use something like selected(${Q2}, ‘7’) and selected(${Q2}, ‘1’)... etc

Thanks for sharing the solution. it worked for me.