Announcing the ODK Developers Slack chat!

Hi all,

We've set up an ODK Slack chat at The
goal of this chat is to foster a more dynamic and modern developer
community around ODK.

If you are a software developer looking to fix bugs, add features, or
otherwise change the ODK codebase, this Slack is for you! Our current
focus is Collect and Briefcase, but we expect to add channels for
JavaRosa, Validate, and Aggregate over the next few weeks.

We've already had a number of great discussions on the chat (archive
at and to ensure the chat
continues to a valuable resource for developers, non-developer
questions about form design or tool configuration will be out of

So, if you are a software developer and are interested in joining the
Slack, please go to and let's start
hacking on some code together!



P.S. If you are not a developer, we haven't forgotten about you! We
are going to build a user-focused community resource soon. Stay tuned
for that...