Aplicación de odk para control de entrega de medicamentos - odk application for medication delivery control

Hola todos, quiero saber si conocen aplicaciones en odk para temas de inventarios de medicamentos. control de entrada y salida de medicamentos y ubicación de las farmacias.

Hi all, I want to know if you know applications in odk for drug inventory issues.
control of entry and exit of medicines and location of pharmacies.

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Hola @Mauricio_Giraldo,

ODK forms can be developed to track movement (entry/exit) of goods, in your case drugs.
Different approaches are possible depending on whether the number of users, whether duplicate entries are allowed, etc.

For the location of pharmacies, do you need to map them or do you already have a list and you want to allow users to select where they are?

Happy to chat more via message, if helpful.


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