Appending data to existing form after an update

How about migrating to a new updated form in the same server? there were some changes to the form but after few months of data collection. can I migrate these to the updated form so that I dont need to append them manually?

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@Aziz_Ahmad What server and version are you using? And what version of Briefcase (if you are using that)?

What type of update did you make to the form (e.g., added/removed questions or just changed some question text)? How are you downloading the data?

I have added some few questions
Briefcase is 1.15.0

I am using an online aggregate server hosted distantly

Please read through for how updates work. In general, once you add/remove questions, you have to use a new form ID and the form will be considered a new form. Merging the data is something you have to do outside of ODK.