Appending record in aggregate server

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Would like to ask if am able to append a record which is already on the aggregate server?Suppose in a hospital setup a patient comes for a second review would like the results to be just added to the patients record without duplicating the whole record.

hi @plaga, appending records in the aggregate server as you describe with the patient record is not possible now, this is because every submission you send to aggregate is uniquely identify by the server with a unique id, hence the server would not be able to merge those records together because they are not identical. but there is a way you can have the records of the patients. i will suggest two methods for you.

  1. creating csv file of the old data which can be pull to the form with the old records of the patients to be update. (with this method, you have to download the old data from the server and and save it in csv format and create the form to pull the old data if the patient is not new at the hospital. so you have to keep on updating the csv file each time you have new records)

  2. you can also subscribe to surveycto premium package which will do the updating automatic for you, so each time you have a new record you will be able to pull that base on the form you created with a unique id.

these are the suggestions i can think of for now.

Good day

Thanks let me try the csv way.hopefully it will work