Appspot showing 404

Hi have the same problem with this account When i log in, i saw the message about app engine. I have collected data and i want to export it

@jfrank17 I don't think it's the same problem so I've moved your topic. When I go to I see a 404. That doesn't suggest that you are out of quota. It suggests that your application has been deleted.

When was the last time worked?


Thanks for your support. the last time worked is june 1st, 2018;

Please this is the message when I want to start ODK:

A problem has occurred that prevents your AppEngine application from responding. Your application may have exceeded its per-minute or daily usage quotas.

Please visit your application dashboard at Google AppEngine. The Billing Status section will indicate what daily or per-minute usage limits your application has exceeded.

If your application's usage limits have not been exceeded, then look for performance issues within Google AppEngine cloud services. From your application dashboard, click on the the System Status link on the left sidebar under the Resources heading. This will report problems with Google AppEngine cloud services.

If neither of those indicate any problems, then your application's Logs may; these are reachable from the dashboard via the Logs link on the left sidebar under the Main heading

Thanks for your support. We have conducted surveys and it will be very glad if we can access to those data.


Please I need your support for this case. thanks

Have you tried all the steps suggested in the error message? Have you looked through the recommended logs?

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Yes but no success for now

What specifically have you tried?

Have you added a credit card to your account, enabled billing, and waited 24 hours?

I have not added a credit. How to do it?!
Please see the picture uploaded


To enable billing, follow Google's instructions at

Thanks for this.
Please let's me know!
Now, it's means that ODK is not a free cloud and we must paie money to access to our data.

Hi Helene and everyone!

I did an investigation using ODK. After collecting the data, I wanted to send this data to the server. But here is the message I get: Error: invalid status code on Head request. If you have a web proxy, you may need to log in to your network

Please your help