Are there option for MFA in ODK central?

It seems you can only add users with password protection.
Seems a little insecure this day and age.
Are there ways to improve security in this regard?

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Hi @Niels_Frederickx ! Thanks for your post!

I'm going to just put a note here to say this is the second time I've seen this question pop up recently - once here in the forum, and once when discussing with an INGO team whose IT team was concerned about KoBoToolbox not having Multi factor authentication - and actually disallowed their information management team to choose it as a data collection tool because of this not being in place.

Is this something that might be introduced in the future? How important is this from a data security standpoint? Is this something that many users would be interested in?


Yes, I would like either MFA or OAuth/okta type sign-in using other credentials.