Are you using ODK in a community situation?

Hi all

We are looking to find all the organisations that are currently running, or
have plans to run in the future, a Community Monitoring Recording and
Verification (C-MRV) project either using ODK (or any other tech) - as we
have funding as part of our phase two C-MRV project in Guyana to create a
network/group to help share knowledge and experiences.

The group will mainly be focussed on forest communities, but anyone who is
using handhelds in a community context will also be welcome as we share
common challenges.

A questionnaire will put together shortly to help gain more structured
information about who is out there, where the projects are based, how many
people are involved and what type of data is being collected etc. But I was
just wanting to start the process by asking for a quick hands up from
people who fit this profile.

Membership or engagement in a group is not mandatory so if you are just
happy to say who you are and that you are operating in this space then
that's great. I am just trying to get an initial feel for the numbers of
projects there are in MRV world.

To respond, please simply reply to this post with your project name, its
location and the number of community people involved - or feel free to
email me off list.

Many thanks


Jon Parsons
Digital Producer

Global Canopy Programme
23 Park End Street, Oxford, OX1 1HU, United Kingdom | Skype: jonparsons