Ask subsequent questions based on responses to a select all multiple choice

I am building a survey that asks a multiple choice, select all that apply question. The answers are locations. The respondent will select all locations that apply.

The next question should ask the number of participating cities for each location selected in the previous question.

Ex: If I pick, Wisconsin and Idaho, the next question that pops up should be how many cities in Wisconsin participated? How many cities in Idaho participated?

This could either create two separate questions, or generate one question with two blank fields for inserting the number of cities for each location.

Is there code/language for this?

I know how to build the question when there is only one answer for the initial question, but I do not know the code/language for questions which allow multiple answers.


Hi @AAMarron

I would say there are two options:

  • one with a filed-list group but then you have to create a question for each possible option
  • another one with a repeat group (not perfect because if you select for example 3 options and the go back an remove one an additional group will remain)

Here is a sample form that shows both:
sample.xlsx (7.5 KB)
sample.xml (2.6 KB)