Assign multiple index values to a specific variable in Excel

Good morning,

I went through many discussions and came about quite advance cases when it came to the use of indexed-repeat() and position(..).

Yet mine is quite simple, but could not find anything that directly relates to it. The need is to be applied within Excel.

I want to assign various values to a specific variable, named monRecordID.
Hence monRecordID = [1025, 1041, 3045, 8901]

Henceforth, within a repeat group, ${monRecordID} with its specific value (dependent on the iteration number) are later to be applied.

What I did within the choices-sheet:
list_name name

monRecordID 1025
monRecordID 1041
monRecordID 3045
monRecordID 8901

But I do not know how to recall it within the survey sheet?
I do not want to use "select_multiple monRecordID", as monRecordID is independent of the device user.

Is it correct to make a list within the choices-sheet?
If so, how can I recall it within the survey-sheet?

In short, how are various values assigned to a specific variable with the use of Excel?

Thank you for your support,