Assigning dynamic value to repeat type question


I want to assign values to the repeat questions.

Example: select_multiple fruits - mango, orange, banana. If two fruits are selected let's say mango and orange, then two repeating questions will pop - 'What is the cost of mango?' 'What is the cost of orange?'
If one fruit is selected then that particular name of the fruit appears but not in the case when more than one if selected.fruit.xlsx (10.4 KB)

Hello @Aline_Kullu ,

You have to add a relevant condition as "selected(${fruits},"mango")" if you want to ask for mango and similar condition for other fruits also . I am attaching the file. I hope this must be helpful .

fruit.xlsx (10.1 KB)

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Thanks. It serves the purpose.

What if we have more than one question as repeat like -

  1. What is the cost of ${fruit_name} ?
  2. How many kgs of ${fruit_name} bought ?
  3. From where did you bought ${bought} ?

How can we assign dynamic values to these questions?

What i have observed is that when you write as ${fruit_name} all the selected options will be coming as it was select multiple . So i didn't find any other solution for it other than writing how i wrote in the form . If you find any further information please share in the forum .

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hi @Aline_Kullu, try using this sample file to see if it would solve your problem. Repeat questions using different questions outside repeat


Hi @Fabla thanks it worked.

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