Assistance with App Engine issues

Hi, my name is Rafe Kaplan. I work on the Google App Engine team
and have had this project brought to my attention by a former
colleague looking at possibly using this for field data collection. I
was going over the project page and noticed that you were running in
to issues with Google App Engine, in particular a 30 second time out
issue. It sounds like you might have worked some of those issues out
in the 1.0 release, but I was wondering if there are any outstanding
questions that I could answer, or maybe provide helpful advice (or
even contribute code).

Can anyone familiar with the App Engine application let me know what
kinds of problems you are having?

  • Rafe Kaplan
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I am attaching some source code for a novel approach to generating ODK
forms where the source is an annotated Java class -

See src/forms and test/com/lordjoe/testclasses for samples
One novel approach is that the language fkeys are generated by annotating
with a line like

@SupportedLanguages(Languages = {

I will document the code but I did want to put it up for folks to look at
it generated and maintains language bundles as an intermediate step to allow

FormGenerator.ZIP (401 KB)

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