Audio and video not working in web forms on some mobile devices

used question type audio and video in odk central enketo form. It works fine in IOS and some of the android device(Samsung - android 11 & 12) for recording and uploading audio and video.

It does not work for recording the audio in one plus android 11 and 12 where recording option is not coming for audio type question but it works fine for recording the video.

Please help to resolve it, on which mobile device and operating system and versions will audio and video work fine for recording.


Go to on the devices that aren't working. What does it say your browser is?

Next update to the latest version of that browser or try the latest version of Firefox or Chrome and try the forms there. Does it work better?


Hi yanokwa,
Thanks for providing information.
Tried with chrome latest version but still not working.
Kindly find the mobile browser images for you reference.