Audio Recording 0:02 duration is available for one particular app user

One App User has made submissions along with the in-app recorded audio.
I even heard some of his recordings which were Okay. but now when I download any of those recordings in central,I get only 0:02 duration. How can I diagnose the problem and get the recordings?
we are using versions:
70ec99f02885a06e37709db6319bfdf96fac84eb client (v1.2.2)
59556ecea91f0a25678cd6da0084adb7e66ca099 server (v1.2.1)

Hi @directorccpa, how did you know the recordings were OK? Did you play them in the web browser? What application are you using to listen to the recordings after you download them?

yes I played the recordings and listened to them till the end. I used Quick time player on Mac Pro.

So they play normally in the browser, but not with Quicktime Player? What happens if you try VLC?

Sorry for being so late in replying. the case is that they played once and that too in quick time player. when I tried downloading the same recordings the next time, and for subsequent times, I found them reduced to a 2 sec recording.

What browser are you using to do the download? What happens if you play the downloaded files with VLC?