Auto populate values in ODK Build

Hi ,
My name is Ian but I have got a challenge I cannot load the page on all my computers to get support.

Am building a form with ODK build online and I want to auto-populate some responses but I don't know how to do it. I cannot access the forum to search for support.

kindly help me with this.

Thank you

Hi @ian, please create a new topic thread for new questions.
I think the Default Value field is what you need to use.

You can also check out the ODK documentation:

And for more control over the forms you create, you could look into XLSForm:

The problem is that I cannot load the forum page it’s failing

The links above are to pages not on the forum. I'm sorry but we can't provide custom help over different communication methods. I suggest you try and figure out the loading issues. How are you accessing the internet (internet cafe/ office/ home/ cellular/ public hotspot)? Is your provider implementing some sort of firewall and blocking sites? Can you try a different network.

using office internet, have tried other networks but all the same problem.
Help me sort this out, I have a choose one question for example Product name is Rice and I want if I choose Rice, ODK automatically selects the RICE CODE and its price.I want it to auto-populate.


1. What is the problem? Be very detailed.
i want if i select Rice as a food item then its unit measure is shown automatically without me typing it there. for example if the product is Rice then the unit measure is Kgs, if i select maize then the unit measure should be gms

Hi there! If you'd like help, edit your post to use the support template (copy it below).

What is the problem? Please be detailed.

What ODK tool and version are you using? And on what device and OS version?

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Would something like this work for you?

unitcost.xls (5.5 KB)

Basically, the select returns a code (0,1,2,...) for chosen food item, which is then used to 'lookup' both the unit name and unit cost (via a selected-at() against a corresponding predefined space-separated list), where the unit name is displayed in the enter quantity question prompt.