Autocomplete or search in a csv external for a quick search among many elements

Hello everyone. I'm asking a question that has already been asked in part in old topics but maybe there's some news. In this form there are many species in choices and using autocomplete in appearance. I notice that with ODK collect it works fine but it doesn't work on GIC collect. I would need a super compatible form there a more accepted. It's possible a quick search solution? I also tried to make a separate csv file using the search function but I m not able (see zip)
thank you so much. I will be grateful to anyone who can help me. I'm a beginner (109.1 KB)
Flora_euregioOK.xlsx (129.7 KB)

We don't use, test, document, or recommend GIC Collect. If something is not working with it, please contact the folks who make it.

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