Automatically download the latest set of forms when connected to the internet

Is there a way to allow ODK to automatically download the latest ODK form without requiring human or user interaction? We are having issues with users in which we update the form but the user continues to use the old tools even though they are always connected to WIFI or the internet. So, we want the ODK collector to automatically download the most recent form.

Hi @ChamisaShaps

Yes, in the ODK Collect Application, go to Settings select Form Management and check the Automatic Download button. Please also the Automatic update frequency

You can prevent the use of old forms by hiding them.
Under Settings, Form Management check the Hide old form versions (Only the newest version will appear in Fill Blank Form)

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What you are asking for is the default behavior in Central. And if you scan a QR code from a recent version of Central, Collect will exactly match the forms available to the user including automatically applying updates. Users will not need to manually Get Blank Forms. Additionally, finalized forms will be sent automatically as soon as a connection is found.


@Ronald_Munjoma Great thanks ...sorted

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