Automatically fill out the household number

Good evening!
Please, I hope you will help me to find a solution to my problem. I am building a questionnaire and I would like to fill automatically the household number every time. How can I do it?

Thank you in advance.

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Is the household number something that is preassigned to the household? Could you print a barcode or QR code ID card for the household and scan it during the survey?

Or are you looking for a unique identifier number for each household? Some conversations that may be of interest:

Thank you @danbjoseph for your answer. I will do as you advise by putting my picture as an avatar. Yes, in fact, I'm looking for a unique identifier number for each household. I suppose we have ten interviewers with a range of numbers of households assigned to every interviewer. I want to pull this information from an excel sheet but if it's possible that when the interview finishes an interview, the number of the next household is automatically filled out in the next questionnaire.

It is possible to pull data from a CSV. If for example you have a preset list of household IDs and additional information like name, then during the survey you can have a question to collect the ID, and use it to lookup the name of the person in your CSV. See the XLSForm docs for more information:

Each submission will be a fresh survey and it is not possible to live sync progress between different devices.

@danbjoseph Thank you very much! The way that I wanted to this question isn't possible when we use many devices.