Automatically moving forward

Hi All,

I wanted to find out whether a script can automatically move from one single mention question to the next question without sliding through the screen as it's quite manual especially if you have quite a lot of questions to ask.
ie Gender :Male,Female
I select male and it just automatically proceeds after selecting the answer.
This shouldnt happen in multiple,text or integer questions.



If you want to avoid sliding there is an alternative way to move forward. Details of this feature explained in the document:

Unfortunately auto advance is not possible other than a single select question. My understanding is that it is not possible for ODK collect to understand when a text/integer answer completes from enumerator side.

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Hi Arif,

Thanks for the link.
I have placed the autoadvance under appearance but its still not autoadvancing as expected.
I have tried both swipe,forward and back arrows but still not moving.



Place "quick" instead of "autoadvance" under the appearance column to get auto advance facility for single select question.

It now works as expected and auto advances as expected.
Highly appreciate the help.