Beneficiary Tracking in ODK Survey

Hello ODKers,

Has anyone developed or implemented a beneficiary tracking system using ODK
2.0? If so can you share your experience and/or an outline of your general

I'm to yet dive into the 2.0 suite of products (the birth of my first child
has slowed my 2016 and early 2017 efforts). For those that have explored
the 2.0 suite, or understand it well, would the below application be
appropriate for ODK Survey?

  1. Enroll beneficiaries including a unique ID and basic
    individual/household data (i.e. location, housheold size, sex, etc).

  2. During regular activity monitoring be able to:

  3. Arrive in a cluster, open ODK survey, open form, select cluster
    (community), have a list of all household members be pre-populated (based
    on enrollment form).

  4. Select a member and check activities (or have a list of members in a
    matrix and check activities each participated in).

  5. Be able to repeat this, by different staff members (devices), over time.

Thanks for any input, guidance, or general 'direction' pointing.