Block questions following an answer

Hello! I need help...
I would like to block all QUESTIONS below after selecting a multiple_one answer and after that, return to a specific question at the beginning of the form.
Ex: I have a select_one of yes and no. If option No is selected, all questions in the form below it disappear and another question at the beginning of the form appears for continuation.
It's possible?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Barbaramt
you can show or hide questions depending on the answer from a previous question using relevant
but you can do that only with questions that are placed after that question. So for example if the question with yes/no has index 2 you can show or hide questions 3,4,5... depending on it but not 1.

Hello @Barbaramt,

It sound to me like you want to apply a skip to many questions without having to define/repeat it on each line of skipped questions. if this is the case, alternative to what @Grzesiek2010 responded, you could wrap all the questions to skip in a group and apply the relevant on the group level.

This on the mobile would give an effect similar to what you wanted. To Expand further, trigger questions can also depend on each other.

Hoping either of the solutions works for you

Happy ODKing,
Jules R