Blocking page jumps

Hi all,

I'm working on a Table of Content feature in Enketo that will allow users to jump to any other visible page just like ODK Collect has had forever. The sponsor of this feature would also like the ability to disable these jumps. I believe that is not supported in ODK Collect, though please correct me if I'm wrong.

There are several ways of disabling this (app setting, API parameter, form setting), and in order to determine the best approach, I would love your feedback on one, or several of these questions:

Is there some user demand to disable such page jumps in ODK Collect?

If so, do you think it should be possible to do this per form or per (ODK Collect) installation?


This feature already exists in Collect. Users can prevent jumping by removing that option from the UI. And relatedly, users can prevent backward movement in Collect.

I'd be +1 on getting no jumping and no backward movement as a form-specific setting.

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Thanks Yaw. I found it ("GoTo Prompt" under Admin -> Form Entry Settings).

I may propose an XForm syntax to disable per form (if nobody beats me to it).

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