Bolding labels in odk forms

Hello community ....

How can one make labels bold , i have been looking at the odk docs but i haven't gotten a response yet

Do you mean the question labels? Currently they are always bold and there is no option to make the text heavier. You can see some other options for creating emphasis here.

We have previously considered making label text standard weight but haven't acted on it yet. I think the original idea was that bigger text would be easier to read. While that may be true for short question text, my experience is that people tend to write pretty long labels and it is harder to read long bolded text.

Could you consider using hints? If you're willing to share more about your scenario, that would be helpful.

thanks @LN your right, the labels are bold by default...
To clarify , i meant how to make labels of type note bold?, because it looks like labels of other types ie text, string etc are bold by default

helo @LN i resolved this, thanks

Is it possible to apply bold style on a text note? I manage to do it in enqueto but not on ODK mobile app. Your help please

Hi @Moustapha_Pouye, see above...

But it sounds like @cliff had the same question and found something that works. Maybe cliff can tell you how he resolved it?

hello @Moustapha_Pouye @danbjoseph sorry about the delayed response ,for some reason the hadn't seen the notification ...
For note type questions you just add the star character before and after the label as seen below
Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 09.23.02

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